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Main Product
About Tingeer
Founded in 2017, Tingeer is a Zhangjiagang City-based manufacturer specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture. With over 50 product varieties, we offer OEM services and export globally, earning a positive international reputation.
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Tingeer's Medical Stretchers

Explore our core offerings: Folding Stretchers, Scoop Stretchers, Ambulance Stretchers, and Spine Boards – all expertly crafted for emergency care.

Folding Stretcher
Folding Stretcher
Compact, portable stretcher for emergency transport.
Folding Stretcher YC-D1/D2

Folding Stretcher YC-D1/D2

* High-strength alloy and oxford leather build.
* Durable yet sophisticated.
* Blue or orange color options.

Folding Stretcher YC-D4/D5

Folding Stretcher YC-D4/D5

* Constructed from robust alloy, quality Oxford.
* Available in blue or orange.
* Choice: Oxford leather or orange PVC.

Folding Stretcher YC-D2-3/D3

Folding Stretcher YC-D2-3/D3

* Crafted from tough alloy and Oxford leather.
* Blue or orange for added flair.
* Choice of oxford leather or orange PVC.

Folding Stretcher YC-D6/D7

Folding Stretcher YC-D6/D7

* Built with sturdy alloy tube, superior Oxford leather.
* Comes in army green or camouflage.
* Has built-in belts, flexible nylon handles.

Scoop Stretcher
Scoop Stretcher
Specialized stretcher for safe patient movement.
Scoop Stretcher YC-C1/YC-C1-1

Scoop Stretcher YC-C1/YC-C1-1

* Robust aluminum alloy build
* Separate-type stretcher for fracture transfers
* Jointed design for simple set-up
* Limits patient motion, lessens injury risk

Scoop Stretcher YC-C4

Scoop Stretcher YC-C4

* Sturdy, light, simple to clean and use
* Suitable for patients and operators
* Twin safety lock for secure operation
* Head section promotes cervical alignment

Scoop Stretcher YC-C2/C3

Scoop Stretcher YC-C2/C3

* Constructed from resilient aluminum alloy
* Hinged, joined design for simple two-part setup
* Minimizes patient motion, reducing injury risk

Ambulance Stretcher
Ambulance Stretcher
Durable, efficient stretcher for ambulance use.
Ambulance Stretcher YC-B11

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B1

* Composed of durable high-strength aluminum alloy
* Cushioned, adjustable bed for patient ease
* Enables effortless single-handler ambulance loading

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B2-1 (2)

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B2-1

* Auto-loading stretcher, constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy.
* Bed surface with foam cushion and adjustable backrest for patient comfort.
* Single-operator patient transfer onto the stretcher, ensuring efficiency.

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B2

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B2

* Auto-loading stretcher, built from sturdy aluminum alloy.
* Adjustable back, cushioned surface for transport comfort.
* Single-handler operation for patient transport.

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B3/B4

Ambulance Stretcher YC-B3/B4

* Low-frame stretcher, built from high-strength aluminum alloy.
* Foamed cushion surface, adjustable backrest for comfort. Single-operator efficient transfer.

Spine Board YC-F7
Spine Board
Rigid platform for spinal injury patient transport.
Spine Board YC-F1/F1-1

Spine Board YC-F1/F1-1

* Spine board for safe transport of immobile injured individuals.
* Engineered from high-strength plastic, durable and easy to store.
* Water-floatable, X-ray compatible while immobilizing spine.

Spine Board YC-F4/F6

Spine Board YC-F4/F6

* Safely transports immobile patients via spine board.
* Provides buoyancy, integral for first-aid kits.
* High-strength plastic, durable under weight.
* Compact, sturdy for easy storage, long use.

Spine Board YC-F2/F3

Spine Board YC-F2/F3

* PE material constructed device, free from contaminants.
* Offers buoyancy, X-ray transparent.
* Durable, lightweight, compact for storage.
* Compatible with head braces, belts, straps.

Spine Board YC-F7

Spine Board YC-F7

* Spine board for safe transport of critical, immobile patients.
* Unique water-floatation ability.
* Key component in medical first-aid gear.
* High-strength plastic, lightweight, age-resistant.

About Tingeer

Tingeer, founded in 2017 and based in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu province, is a distinguished manufacturer of medical devices. Specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture, our product range spans over 50 varieties and is trusted by clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

Powerful capability

Harnessing robust manufacturing capabilities, Tingeer consistently delivers high-quality medical devices. Our wide range of products, from stretchers to hospital furniture, showcases our capacity to meet diverse medical needs globally.

Professional focus

Tingeer upholds a professional focus on producing premium medical devices. Our expertise in medical stretchers and emergency products underlines our commitment to enhancing healthcare facilities worldwide.

Product Advantages

Our stretchers, engineered in China, offer superior safety and durability. They’re designed for efficient patient transport, promising reliability and longevity.

Efficient Design

Folding stretcher's compact form facilitates easy storage and swift deployment.

Patient Comfort

Scoop stretcher minimizes patient movement, enhancing comfort during transfers.

Rapid Response

Ambulance stretcher ensures quick and secure patient transport in emergency situations.

Sturdy Construction

Spine board's high-strength plastic design offers reliable support for immobile patients.

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