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Founded in 2017, Tingeer is a Zhangjiagang City-based manufacturer specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture. With over 50 product varieties, we offer OEM services and export globally, earning a positive international reputation.
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Folding Stretcher

Find the Best Folding Stretcher Manufacturers from China

Discover high-quality folding stretchers for medical or emergency use at Tingeer. We connect you with reliable manufacturers in China that specialize in producing top-notch stretchers. Ensure safety and reliability with our strict quality control standards. Choose Tingeer for durable and dependable folding stretchers. Contact us for more info.

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    Introducing Folding Stretcher from Tingeer

    Tingeer's Folding Stretcher is the latest addition to Our line of rescue and emergency medical equipment.

• Designed to be lightweight and durable, this stretcher is perfect for search and rescue missions, disaster response, and hospital use.
• The fold-and-go mechanism makes setup and takedown quick and easy.
• Made from high-quality materials, it can withstand tough environments and heavy usage.
• A must-have for all emergency medical professionals in need of a dependable stretcher.

Folding Stretcher
Folding Stretcher

Folding Stretcher Produced by Tingeer

The Folding Stretcher by Tingeer: a reliable, comfortable, and safe solution for medical emergencies. Perfect for healthcare professionals and first responders. Trust Tingeer for exceptional quality and performance.

Folding Stretcher YC-D1/D2
Folding Stretcher YC-D2-3/D3
Folding Stretcher YC-D4/D5
Folding Stretcher YC-D6/D7
Folding Stretcher YC-D12/D13
Folding Stretcher YC-D8/D9
Folding Stretcher YC-D10/D11

Welcome to Our Folding Stretcher Factory!

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    Folding stretcher price

    Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on location, shipping costs, taxes, and other factors.

• Basic folding stretchers made from high-grade aluminum are available on Amazon for $179.99 to $199.99.

• Niscomed and Elite Plus brand stretchers on Hospital Store’s 2023 list range from INR 4800 to INR 5900 ($64 to $79).

• A lightweight, foldable aluminum rescue stretcher with a carry bag is listed on Net World Sports and Forza Goal, but the price is unspecified.

• The discounted price for the EMS Ambulance Transport Folding Stretcher is $1,132.00.

• The Global Folding stretcher 2 Fold FSTR 1001 listed on Medic Kart has a “Call for Price” note, indicating potential price variations.

• The Lightweight portable folding stretcher ANS24 is priced at JPY 32,000 ($212.67).

• The PE Medical Stretcher Plastic Folding Long Spine Board listed on Made in China ranges from $80-99 per piece.

• Overall, folding stretchers globally range from $64 to $1,132.

Why Tingeer's Folding Stretcher
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    Why Tingeer's Folding Stretcher

  • The stretcher is made from durable aluminum alloy and waterproof fabric that allows it to withstand heavy weights and weather.
  • When folded, the compact stretcher is easy to transport and store, making it suitable for situations with space constraints like emergency services.
  • The stretcher unfolds and locks swiftly, allowing for immediate use in medical emergencies. Sturdy handles facilitate maneuvering.
  • Its rugged construction and ease of use make the versatile stretcher adaptable to various settings like hospitals, ambulances, and outdoor environments.
  • Safety features include secure locking to prevent accidental folding during transport and non-slip handles for a firm hold when handling.

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During emergency medical situations, the right equipment is crucial for the swift and safe transport of patients. The folding stretcher is a pivotal piece, designed to be lightweight, durable, and easily maneuverable. It can make the difference between life and death. This guide provides an in-depth look at choosing a folding stretcher, including types, materials, weight capacities, and additional features for enhanced utility in a medical emergency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Folding Stretcher

Q: What is a portable stretcher?

A: A portable stretcher is a lightweight and easily transportable medical device used for transporting injured or incapacitated individuals in emergency situations.

Q: What are the key features of an emergency folding stretcher with heavy duty handles?

A: An emergency folding stretcher with heavy duty handles is designed to be sturdy and durable for carrying and transporting patients securely. It is foldable, portable, and constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand the rigors of emergency medical situations.

Q: How can I choose the right folding stretcher for emergency medical situations?

A: When selecting a folding stretcher for emergency medical use, consider factors such as portability, durability, weight capacity, ease of carrying, and storage options. It’s essential to choose a stretcher that meets the specific needs of your emergency response requirements.

Q: What materials are commonly used in the construction of folding stretchers for emergency medical use?

A: Folding stretchers for emergency medical use are often made from lightweight yet sturdy materials such as aluminum, nylon, rubber, and PVC. These materials ensure the stretcher is both portable and durable for transporting patients safely.

Q: Are there specific color options available for emergency folding stretchers?

A: Yes, orange is a commonly used color for emergency folding stretchers as it provides high visibility in emergency situations, facilitating quick identification and retrieval of the stretcher.

Q: What are the advantages of using a folding stretcher with trolley wheels for hospital emergency evacuation?

A: A folding stretcher with trolley wheels offers the benefit of easy maneuverability in hospital settings, especially during emergency evacuation scenarios. The addition of trolley wheels helps to transport patients swiftly and securely.

Q: How important are rubber feet and handles when choosing a folding stretcher for emergency medical use?

A: Rubber feet provide stability and grip, preventing the stretcher from sliding during patient transport. Heavy-duty rubber handles offer a secure grip for the caregivers, ensuring safe and smooth transportation of patients in critical situations.

Q: Can a folding stretcher be used for spine board immobilization in emergency rescue operations?

A: Yes, some folding stretchers are designed to serve as spine boards for immobilization, providing additional versatility in emergency rescue operations and medical procedures.

Q: What are the key considerations when evaluating the weight capacity of a folding stretcher?

A: When assessing the weight capacity of a folding stretcher, it’s crucial to ensure that it can support the anticipated load safely. Factors such as patient weight, medical equipment, and additional supplies should be factored into the decision-making process.

Q: Are there specific brands or suppliers known for providing high-quality folding stretchers for emergency medical situations?

A: Yes, reputable suppliers such as Tingeer , and Line2Design offer a range of folding stretchers designed for emergency medical use, including lightweight, durable, and secure options to meet the requirements of emergency responders and medical professionals.

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