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Founded in 2017, Tingeer is a Zhangjiagang City-based manufacturer specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture. With over 50 product varieties, we offer OEM services and export globally, earning a positive international reputation.
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Stair Stretcher

Discover the Best Stair Stretcher Manufacturers from China

Looking for high-quality stair stretchers? Choose Tingeer, the leading manufacturer in China. We offer durable, reliable, and perfectly designed products. Ensure safety and efficiency with us. Contact us today to explore our range of stair stretchers.

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    Introducing Stair Stretcher from Tingeer

    Tingeer introduces new Stair Stretcher made of high-strength aluminum alloy for transferring patients up/down stairs.

  • Equipped with 4 wheels for maneuvering over surfaces, making it reliable in any situation.
  • Includes 2 restraint straps with quick-release buckles for ensuring patient safety at all times.
  • Features foldable structure and flexible uplift rods for compact storage in ambulances, saving space.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy carrying, making it essential for emergency services.
  • Easy to sterilize and clean, providing peace of mind for patients and medical personnel.
Stair Stretcher
Stair Stretcher

Stair Stretcher For Sale

Introducing the Stair Stretcher for Sale! Enhance accessibility and ensure well-being for individuals with limited mobility in buildings with stairs. Get yours today for safe and efficient transportation. Don't miss out!

Stair Stretcher YC-A1/A1-1
Stair Stretcher YC-A2/A3
Stair Stretcher YC-A4
Stair Stretcher YC-A5

Welcome to Our Stair Stretcher Factory!

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    Stair Stretcher price

    Cost-effectiveness considered with quality reliable models reducing risks and improving lives long-term.

  • Stair stretchers, also known as stair chairs, transport individuals up and down stairs who have difficulty climbing.
  • Prices start at $2,000 for basic models and can exceed $10,000 for advanced specialized models. Material quality, design, weight capacity, and durability impact cost.
  • Locations and sellers also impact prices. Financing options are sometimes available.
  • They are used in healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes. Important to choose stretcher fitting needs.
Why Tingeer's Stair Stretcher
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    Why Tingeer's Stair Stretcher

• Constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight profile
• Specifically designed for vertical transfers in high-rise buildings or multi-floor facilities
• Equipped with four wheels for smooth movement and reduced physical strain on emergency staff
• Includes two restraint straps with quick-release buckles for patient safety during transfers
• Features flexible uplift rods and foldable structure for space-saving storage in emergency vehicles.

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A Stair Stretcher, also known as a stair chair, is an evacuation device for safe and efficient patient transport over stairs and rough terrains. In this guide, we provide comprehensive insights into the functionality, types, applications, and critical features of stair stretchers. It aims to help medical and emergency professionals make informed decisions when selecting and using this essential apparatus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Stair Stretcher

Q: What is new for 2024 in the design of battery powered stair stretchers?

A: For 2024, there are significant developments in the area of battery powered stair stretchers. Most notably, most manufacturers have shifted their focus to improving user comfort, safety, and ease of maneuverability. Some have introduced more robust restraint straps with quick-release buckles. Furthermore, they have integrated two stationary rear wheels that enable the stretcher to be moved over most surfaces with minimal effort. It’s also worth mentioning that the maximum weight capacity has been ramped up to 350 lbs in some models.

A: A lift stair chair, often called a stair stretcher, is a device designed to help transport individuals with mobility impairments up and down stairs. These devices often include rear wheels and are powered by battery, facilitating a one-person operation. Lift stair chairs also often have a slide board transfer feature for an easier transfer of patients. The equipment is often made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials for durability and reliability.

Q: How does a battery powered stair stretcher work?

A: A battery powered stair stretcher enables quick and safe movement up and down stairs with minimal physical effort. Two stationary rear wheels and motorized components moved over most surfaces smoothly. Moreover, the stretcher has restraint straps with quick-release buckle to secure the patient during the transport. Some models also feature a lift stair slide board transfer mode.

Q: Which stair stretcher is most viewed on

A: As per the most recent data from, the most viewed stair stretcher is the battery powered model made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It’s favoured for its durability and ability to hold up to 350lbs. It includes two rear wheels for smooth handling and restraint straps with quick-release buckle for patient safety.

Q: What materials are stair stretchers made of?

A: Most stair stretchers are made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials. This ensures durability and lightweightiness – crucial factors when considering the heavy duties required of the device. It also provides resistance to corrosion which is useful in various environments, from ambulance firefighter evacuation operations to mortuary coolers.

Q: What is the difference between stretchers and stair chairs?

A: While both are designed to transport individuals, their design and usage can be significantly different. Stair chairs are primarily designed for going up and down stair, often equipped with powerful battery-powered motors. On the other hand, stretchers are mainly used for horizontal transport, such as from an incident scene to an ambulance, or within healthcare facilities. However, in modern designs, these distinctions have blurred as many stair chairs now come with flat laying capabilities similar to stretchers.

Q: How is an emergency evacuation chair different from a stair stretcher?

A: An emergency evacuation chair and a stair stretcher serve a similar purpose – to move individuals who require assistance, especially in emergency situations. However, an emergency evacuation chair is typically less complex than a stair stretcher. Stair stretchers often have more features like the ability to lie flat and better restraints. They are also often made from high-strength aluminum alloy and are heavier duty, designed specifically for challenging scenarios like ambulance firefighter evacuation.

Q: How can a stair stretcher be safely handled by a single person?

A: To allow a single person operation, stair stretchers are typically equipped with features like two stationary rear wheels that enable the device to be moved over most surfaces with minimal effort. In addition, the stretcher’s design includes control systems and the option to use battery power to help move a patient up or down the stairs. Quick-release restraint straps also ensure the secure transport of the patient.

Q: How many lbs can a standard stair stretcher hold?

A: A standard stair stretcher is often designed to hold a weight of up to 350 lbs. However, it’s always best to check with the product specifications to be sure, as the weight capacity can vary based on factors such as the design and materials used in its construction. Highly durable stair stretchers made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials can often bear higher weights compared to others.

Q: Why is the high-strength aluminum alloy preferred in the manufacture of stair stretchers?

A: High-strength aluminum alloy is a preferred material in the manufacture of stair stretchers due to several reasons. Firstly, it offers excellent structural integrity and resilience, making the stretcher capable of safely carrying heavy weights. Secondly, it’s relatively lightweight compared to many other industrial-strength materials, which makes the stretchers easier to handle and maneuver. Lastly, it has excellent resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for use in varied environments, from outdoor emergency evacuations to indoor settings like hospitals.

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