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Founded in 2017, Tingeer is a Zhangjiagang City-based manufacturer specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture. With over 50 product varieties, we offer OEM services and export globally, earning a positive international reputation.
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Scoop Stretcher

Discover the Best Scoop Stretcher Manufacturers from China

Tingeer is the leading manufacturer of scoop stretchers in China. Our high-quality and reliable products are trusted by medical professionals worldwide. With meticulous design and construction, our scoop stretchers ensure long-lasting performance and patient safety. Experience the Tingeer difference today and place your order with confidence. Trust us for all your medical equipment needs.

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    Introducing Scoop Stretcher from Tingeer

    Tingeer introduces new Scoop Stretcher for medical transport

  • Sturdy construction supports patients of all sizes during challenging scenarios
  • Adjustable length and plastic scoop design provide stability
  • Innovative hinge system allows effortless transfers between surfaces
  • Compact size allows for easy storage when not in use
  • Healthcare facilities gain quality, efficient patient transport option
Scoop Stretcher
Scoop Stretcher

Scoop Stretcher Produced by Tingeer

The Scoop Stretcher by Tingeer is a reliable medical device for safe and efficient patient transportation. With a unique design and sturdy construction, it ensures optimal support and stability, making it a trusted tool for high-quality care in both emergency and routine medical situations.

Scoop Stretcher YC-C1/YC-C1-1
Scoop Stretcher YC-C2/C3
Scoop Stretcher YC-C4

Welcome to Our Scoop Stretcher Factory!

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    Scoop Stretcher price

    Prices are subject to change and may not include additional costs. Contact suppliers for accurate pricing.

  • The prices of scoop stretchers ranged from $170 USD to $1,450 USD depending on brand, model, and features.
  • Two models from Medsun Healthcare and Wellton Healthcare ranged from INR 12,500 to INR 12,800 (around $170 to $174 USD).
  • Ferno is a well-known manufacturer but did not specify the price.
  • Models from Boundtree ranged from $590 to $1,450 USD.
  • One from School Health was noted as the lightest at 16 pounds but did not provide a price.
  • Two Ferno models were $635 and $602 USD.
  • A model with a storage case from Edarley was $214 USD.
Why Tingeer's Scoop Stretcher
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    Why Tingeer's Scoop Stretcher

  • Patients are more comfortable on scoop stretchers compared to long spine boards when safely strapped.
  • Scoop stretchers are comparable or better than manual techniques at limiting spinal motion in unstable spines.
  • Use of scoop stretchers eliminates risky log-roll maneuvers, reducing risk of further injury to cervical spine.
  • Scoop stretchers do not require log rolls or other manual techniques for supine patients, giving it an advantage over hands-on approaches.
  • Some experts recommend scoop stretchers for efficient and safe handling of trauma patients based on field experiences.

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The scoop stretcher, an orthopedic tool used by EMS professionals, is crucial for immobilizing and transporting patients with spinal or limb injuries. Its bivalve design allows for easy "scooping" without causing harm. This summary explores its technical aspects, operational procedures, and best practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Scoop Stretcher

Q: What is the purpose of a Scoop Stretcher and how does it function?

A: A medical scoop stretcher is used specifically for moving injured people. Its unique design allows it to be separated into two parts that can be moved to either side of the patient, then reconnected once underneath them. This eliminates the need to “log-roll” the patient, allowing for immobilization of the patient and the spine to remain as they were found.

Q: What are the dimensions of a standard scoop stretcher?

A: The typical dimensions of a scoop stretcher, such as the folding 71”x30″ scoop stretcher found on, are designed to accommodate most patients in need.

Q: Why is the design of a scoop stretcher significant in the context of potential spinal cord injury?

A: The design of a scoop stretcher is crucial as it helps to reduce the chance of undesirable movement of injured areas during patient transportation, which can potentially cause harm to the spinal cord.

Q: Can a carry bag be used for transporting a scoop stretcher?

A: Yes, a carrying bag for a scoop stretcher can be used for easy transportation. This makes it highly portable and ideal for use in different locations, such as sports venues or when travel size emergency rescue casualty evacuation-capacity is required.

Q: What materials are usually used to make a lightweight scoop stretcher?

A: Scoop stretchers often have a structure made of folding aluminum making them lightweight yet sturdy. This feature, coupled with a trolley, enhances the ability of the paramedic or EMS professional to move patients.

Q: Can a scoop stretcher be used for moving animals?

A: While typically designed for human patients, a scoop stretcher can also be used as an animal mover in some cases. Ensure the stretcher is properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross-contamination.

Q: How does a scoop stretcher work in relation to the position the patient is found in?

A: The scoop stretcher is designed to allow the patient to remain in the position found. This reduces the movement to the cervical spine and allows for safe and effective transportation of the patient.

Q: Where can one purchase a reliable scoop stretcher?

A: Scoop stretchers can be purchased from various medical supply stores and online platforms such as For more information on where to purchase a scoop stretcher, please contact your local healthcare provider or EMS training center.

Q: What is the capacity of an ambulance in relation to scoop stretchers?

A: The capacity of an ambulance will vary depending on the model, but generally, they can accommodate at least one patient on a scoop stretcher, alongside the necessary EMS professionals. Some larger ambulance models may even have the capacity to transport multiple patients on scoop stretchers.

Q: What does 'yearstar' mean in the context of a scoop stretcher?

A: ‘Yearstar’ seems unclear in the context of a scoop stretcher, and could potentially be a misinterpretation or typo. We recommend verifying the term or context it was used in to provide an accurate answer.

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