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Main Product
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Founded in 2017, Tingeer is a Zhangjiagang City-based manufacturer specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture. With over 50 product varieties, we offer OEM services and export globally, earning a positive international reputation.
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Folding Stretcher YC-D10/D11

Get the Best Folding Stretcher from China

We are proud to offer the best folding stretcher – the YC-D10/D11 – sourced directly from China. With its high-quality materials and precise engineering, our folding stretcher is perfect for emergency medical services, outdoor activities, and more. Trust Tingeer for all your medical equipment needs.

Folding Stretcher YC-D10
Folding Stretcher YC-D10
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    Features of Folding Stretcher YC-D10

  1. Folding Stretcher YC-D10, crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy and Oxford leather.
  2. Robust materials ensure durability and comfort.
  3. Lightweight for easy transportation.
  4. Available in two colors: blue and camouflage.
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    Features of Folding Stretcher YC-D11

  1. YC-D11 Folding Stretcher is constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy and Oxford leather.
  2. Material selection ensures durability and user comfort.
  3. The lightweight design promotes ease of transportation.
  4. Colors: orange, blue, camouflage, army green; Fabrics: Oxford leather, orange PVC.
Folding Stretcher YC-D11
Folding Stretcher YC-D11

Product Parameters

This table provides a technical comparison between the two models of folding stretchers: YC-D10 and YC-D11. The detailed specifications, including dimensions in both unfolded and folded states, load-bearing capacity, and weights, are laid out for an analytical overview.

ModelUnfolded Size (LWH)Folded Size (LWH)Size (LWH)Load BearingNet WeightGross Weight

Kindly be aware that “N.W” is an abbreviation for Net Weight, while “G.W” stands for Gross Weight. Net Weight signifies the weight of the product alone, devoid of any packaging or supplementary components. Conversely, Gross Weight encompasses both the product’s significance and its packaging, along with any additional components.

Benefit from expert guidance and top-notch technical assistance for all challenges faced. Tingeer’s dedicated team stands ready to provide the required help. Leverage our comprehensive professional services to find resolutions for all your queries.

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