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Founded in 2017, Tingeer is a Zhangjiagang City-based manufacturer specializing in medical stretchers, emergency products, and hospital furniture. With over 50 product varieties, we offer OEM services and export globally, earning a positive international reputation.
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Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6

Get Top-Quality Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6 from Tingeer!

Tingeer, a leading wholesaler from China, is proud to offer the innovative and efficient YC-A6 model at an unbeatable price. Designed with advanced technology, this wheelchair allows individuals with mobility challenges to navigate stairs easily, with ease and safety. With its sturdy construction and ergonomic design, the YC-A6 is the perfect solution for individuals in need of a reliable and versatile mobility aid.

Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6
Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6
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    Features of Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6

• The chair features a lightweight aluminum frame and removable, washable seat and back cushions for easy maintenance.
• Height adjustable lifting handles with molded grips reduce operator stress and provide control.
• A molded armrest and improved footrest enhance comfort during care.
• Four pointed safety straps add security.
• Can be used as a ground wheelchair or stored easily in a trunk for stability and convenience.
• An 8′ front wheel and 2′ back wheel ensure a stable, comfortable experience.
• Powered by a 24V 200W brushless motor with adjustable speed.
• Available in yellow, red, green, white, gray, or a custom color.

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    Application of Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6

• With just one trained operator, this wheelchair can safely ascend and descend stairs, providing a stress-free experience.
• Versatile and practical, it’s suitable for medical transport, emergency evacuations, and everyday use in various settings.
• The Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6 is built with cutting-edge technology to prioritize functionality and safety.
• Tingeer aims to empower individuals with disabilities by providing them with greater independence and mobility.

Features of Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6
Image of Stair Climbing Wheelchair YC-A6

Product Parameters

ModelProduct Size(L*W*H)Folded SizeL*W*H) Packing Size(1pc)Load bearingBatteryMotorN.W.G.W.
YC-A6108 x 64 x 103cm108 x 64 x 30cm116 x 70 x 38cmMax181ka(400 LBS) 29.4V 13Ah 24V 200W, brushless motor 40kg 55kg

Please note that “N.W” stands for Net Weight, and “G.W” stands for Gross Weight. The Net Weight refers to the weight of the product itself, without any packaging or additional components. The Gross Weight, on the other hand, includes the importance of the product along with its packaging and any additional components.

Get top-notch expert assistance and premium technical support for any challenges you may face. The dedicated team of specialists at Tingeer’s is here to provide you with the help you need. Take full advantage of our complimentary professional support and unlock solutions to all your concerns.

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